Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Daryl Hall & John Oates - Do It For Love (2003)

 Pop, Rock | FLAC | 494 Mb

1. Man On A Mission (3:44)
2. Do It For Love (3:58)
3. Someday We'll Know (4:28)
4. Forever For You (4:37)
5. Life's Too Short (3:29)
6. Getaway Car (3:49)
7. Make You Stay (3:41)
8. Miss DJ (3:49)
9. [She] Got Me Bad (3:16)
10. Breath Of Your Life (3:55)
11. Intuition (4:10)
12. Heartbreak Time (4:06)
13. Something About You (4:02)
14. Love In A Dangerous Time (4:56)

pass: polarbear


  1. Thank You so much for this. Just wish I could get that that second song out of the three...bonus tracks. It was released by the "Borders" story ONLY, and they went out of business many years ago. I've scoured the whole web for it, and even emailed online sources, that sell rare albums. No luck so far! So, as a music collector for over 30 years, and loving every minute it of, I've had to move on, and just get the main album. So thank you very much for putting this album up. Greatly appreciated! I wish I could make a site like this, I have about a hundred discographies myself! It's so very nice, when the owner of a site, keeps his download links, working!