Monday, December 4, 2017

B.B. King - Live & Well (2015)


2015 | Blues | Mp3 320 kbps | 111 Mb

Although Live & Well wasn't a landmark album in the sense of Live at the Regal, it was a significant commercial breakthrough for King, as it was the first of his LPs to enter the Top 100. That may have been because recognition from rock stars such as Eric Clapton had finally boosted his exposure to the White pop audience, but it was a worthy recording on its own merits, divided evenly between live and studio material. King's always recorded well as a live act, and it's the concert tracks that shine brightest, although the studio ones (cut with assistance from studio musicians like Al Kooper and Hugh McCracken) aren't bad.

1. Don't Answer the Door (6:13), 2. Just a Little Love (5:16), 3. My Mood (2:42), 4. Sweet Little Angel (5:03), 5. Please Accept My Love (3:14), 6. I Want You So Bad (4:15), 7. Friends (5:37), 8. Get Off My Back Woman (3:16), 9. Let's Get Down to Business (3:36), 10. Why I Sing the Blues (8:37)

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