Sunday, December 10, 2017

The Plimsouls - The Plimsouls ...Plus (1992)

1992 | Pop Rock | Mp3 320 kbps | 134 Mb

The Plimsouls were in the right place and time--Los Angeles just after the Knack took skinny-tie power pop national--to score a major record deal almost upon forming. With the instant credibility conferred by leader Peter Case's membership in the legendary punk-pop Nerves, whose "Hanging on the Telephone" Blondie had taken to the charts, the Plimsouls were expected to become a very big deal. Sadly, the anti-Knack backlash took down the entire L.A. power pop scene almost overnight, and their self-titled debut disappeared immediately. The excellent Rhino reissue THE PLIMSOULS...PLUS collects that album, the rare ZERO HOUR EP, a handful of b-sides including an early version of EVERYWHERE AT ONCE's stellar "How Long Will It Take?" and an excellent previously unreleased tune called "Memory." Case's rough-edged songs and the band's noisy performances are almost unbearably exciting, and this is a true power pop classic.

1. Lost Time (3:42), 2. Now (2:59), 3. In This Town (2:37), 4. Zero Hour (2:33), 5. Women (2:49), 6. Hush, Hush (2:48), 7. I Want What You Got (3:27), 8. Nickels and Dimes (3:05), 9. I Want You Back (2:33), 10. Mini-Skirt Minnie (2:43), 11. Everyday Things (2:29), 12. Memory (2:23), 13. Dizzy Miss Lizzie (3:01), 14. Great Big World (3:00), 15. Zero Hour (original version) (2:36), 16. Hypnotized (2:57), 17. How Long Will It Take? (2:51), 18. I Can't Turn You Loose (3:22), 19. When You Find Out (2:27), 20. Hush, Hush (live version) (3:03)

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