Wednesday, August 8, 2018

John Coltrane - My Favourite Things (2012)

Jazz | FLAC | 2 CD | 550 Mb

'My Favourite Things' is a key item in Coltrane's discography. He had already recorded some sides for Atlantic Records but these had been made with pick-up groups and showed 'Trane' very much in the accepted hard bop idiom, albeit making grand strides forward with his playing and harmonic searching. The music created for this album in late 1960 differed radically from what had preceded it as Coltrane forged his own pioneering path drawing on the modal experiments he'd been involved in with his final leader, Miles Davis. Enjoy this critically acclaimed masterpiece along with his 'Bags & Trane' album in digitally remastered versions.

CD 1
1. My Favorite Things (13:44)
2. Everytime We Say Goodbye (5:42)
3. Summertime (11:35)
4. But Not For Me (9:38)

CD 2
1. Bags & Trane (7:22)
2. Three Little Words (7:29)
3. The Night We Called It A Day (4:20)
4. Be-Bop (7:59)
5. The Late Late Blues (9:32)

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