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The Doors - The Complete Matrix Club Tapes (1994)

Rock | Mp3 320 kbps | 4 CD | 328 Mb

Although excerpts from these March 1967 performances appear on numerous bootlegs (some tracks, indeed, found official release on The Doors Box Set), this four-CD set is the definitive document of these shows. Although it might seem an exorbitant investment even for Doors fanatics, this is probably the most interesting Doors bootleg of all, and should really be owned by anyone very deeply into the band. The first two CDs are taken from their two sets at San Francisco's small Matrix club on March 7, 1967; the other two CDs contain the two sets they did at the Matrix on March 10, 1967. The sound is not perfect, but is very good for the era and something to enjoy, not just to endure for history's sake. What's most important, however, is that this is the only reasonable-fidelity document of the Doors before they became superstars; their first album had been out for a couple of months, but "Light My Fire" (the earliest widely circulated live version of which is here) was yet to even be released as a single. As a consequence there's a hungry edge missing from their later live gigs, and a more unpredictable set list, taking in not only most of the first album but also relatively obscure tracks from the second and third LPs, like "I Can't See Your Face in My Mind" and "Summer's Almost Gone." And there's a whole bunch of cover tunes they would never release in studio versions, like "Get Out of My Life Woman," "Who Do You Love?," "Rock Me," "I'm a King Bee" (with Manzarek on vocals), "Gloria," a lengthy instrumental take on "Summertime," and "Money." There's a bar band ambience that will take some listeners aback, and not many people in the audience, judging from the tennis match-style clapping heard at the end of most numbers. The Doors play well, however, and the two shows are notably different from each other, although many of the same tunes appear in two different versions on this package.

CD 1
1. Back Door Man (5:49)
2. My Eyes Have Seen You (3:01)
3. Soul Kitchen (4:19)
4. Get Off My Life (4:25)
5. When The Music's Over (13:09)
6. Close To You (3:08)
7. Crawling King Snake (5:08)
8. I Can't See Your Face In My Mind (3:27)
9. People Are Strange (2:22)
10. Who Do You Love (3:57)
11. Alabama Song (3:48)
12. The Crystal Ship (3:16)

CD 2
1. Twentienth Century Fox (2:58)
2. Moonlight Drive (6:41)
3. Summer's Almost Gone (3:53)
4. Unhappy Girl (4:12)
5. Medley (8:36)
6. Break On Through (4:25)
7. Light My Fire (8:36)
8. The End (14:29)

CD 3
1. My Eyes Have Seen You (3:58)
2. Soul Kitchen (6:15)
3. I Can't See Your Face In My Mind (3:23)
4. People Are Strange (2:22)
5. When The Music's Over (12:27)
6. Money (3:31)
7. Who Do You Love? (4:50)
8. Moonlight Drive (6:04)

CD 4
1. Summer's Almost Gone (4:04)
2. I'm A King Bee (5:20)
3. Gloria (6:04)
4. Break On Through (5:02)
5. Summertime (9:42)
6. Back Door Man (5:45)
7. Alabama Song (3:30)
8. The End (4:56)

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